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Elite Marketing is a leading digital marketing solutions provider based in South Australia ✌️

What do we do?

We help get your business and message the most exposure at the lowest price possible, primarily via our digital signage network as well as our social media network.

Why choose us?

Its a fact that Digital and Outdoor are the ultimate advertising mediums (here’s why), so we established a formidable network that encompasses both.


Ways we help promote your business 📈

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Advertise on our social media network

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A few examples we'd like to share 🏆


Our thoughts on a few topics 💡

Why Digital And Outdoor Advertising Rule

Digital/Online and Outdoor advertising are basically the only two growing sectors of advertising (as clearly illustrated below). Why? Consider..

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1026 South Road, Melrose Park, South Australia 5039


Terms & Conditions

Shipping & Handling
Setup & Installation
Development Application
Service and Support
Cancellation Fee
Security and Privacy


All quotes are valid for 30 days from issue date.


For orders over $10,000: we require purchase order authorisation, 50% deposit up front to process the order and remaining 50% payment upon delivery or installation (please see invoice for specific terms).

For orders under $10,000: we require 100% payment up front.

ELITEM will charge a 1% late fee per month for balances outstanding beyond 30 days of delivery or installation (please see invoice for specific terms).

Shipping & Handling

Our LED displays are resilient. In fact, we’ve had a forklift go through a display and the display still operate! That said, they are also fragile and may incur aesthetic damage if improperly handled so they require delicate packaging and handling to safely reach their destination. The cost of this service varies by the size of the display and quantity of panels. Please refer to Shipping & Handling Service for pricing details. Interstate and international shipping are also offered but quoted on individually due to variable nature.

Note: customers are more than welcome to pick up their orders at the South Road showroom (Melrose Park, SA).

Setup & Installation

For simple setups that do not require construction/modification/electrical work (e.g. behind a window display): please refer to Basic Setup Servicefor pricing details. The basic setup service is highly recommended to avoid improper setup which could damage your display.

For typical field installations: there are several costs associated and vary greatly depending on variables such as display size, quantity, location, equipment required, etc. Customers are welcome to install the displays themselves if they wish. Please refer to Display Installation Service for pricing details. Complex or elaborate installations would require an installation quotation as engineering drafts, electrical work, or structural modifications may be required. Please note that if there is an existing/obsolete structure, it must be removed prior to installation or there may be additional charges for previous display removal.

For all installations, we require a properly functioning power source at the display site as well as a properly functioning Cat5/Cat6 connection which is wired back to the desired source location. Should these not be available, please let us know immediately so we can take that into consideration when quoting for the installation as the price will vary if there is or isnt existing power/data connections (some +/- 25%).

For changes during installations, additional charges may apply and will be quoted on a case-by-case basis (e.g. changing of display size or installation specifications).

Development Application

For certain outdoor displays, the venue may be required to have council approval. ELITEM can offer development application planning which includes any combination of site plan, elevation plan, fixing and construction details, as well as proposed content plan, all at an additional cost. Please refer toDevelopment Application Service for pricing details.

Service and Support

For hourly technical support: please refer to Technical Support Service (Hourly) for pricing details.

For contract technical support service: please refer to to Technical Support Service (Yearly) for pricing details.


All One World LED displays are covered by a zero-dead-pixel setup guarantee, however, these premium-grade displays are further covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Extended manufacturer warranties are available. Other parts such as server components are all covered by their respective manufacturer’s warranties ranging from 1-5 years. Warranty is voided in cases of abuse or physical damage.

Cancellation Fee

Orders may be cancelled at any time prior to manufacture at zero cost. For orders cancelled after manufacture but prior to use, a 5% cancellation fee will be charged or withheld from the deposit refund. If an order is cancelled after the display has been used but prior to installation, a 10% cancellation fee will be charged.


For campaigns, software, and hardware prior to broadcast/use/manufacture, we will offer 100% refund.


For campaigns or software that have already been broadcast, we cannot offer a refund.

For hardware that has already been installed, we can accept change-of-mind returns less 20% of the purchase price for hardware depreciation if the displays are deemed to be in appropriate working condition within 30 days of installation. After this period, we may buy back displays on a case-by-case basis if the displays are deemed to be in appropriate working condition.

Security and Privacy

All user data is stored on secure offsite servers. We do not sell customer information.