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Elite Marketing is a leading digital marketing solutions provider based in South Australia ✌️

What do we do?

We help get your business and message the most exposure at the lowest price possible, primarily via our digital signage network as well as our social media network.

Why choose us?

Its a fact that Digital and Outdoor are the ultimate advertising mediums (here’s why), so we established a formidable network that encompasses both.


Ways we help promote your business 📈

Advertise on our Digital Billboards

Advertise on our social media network

LED billboards

LCD billboards

Facebook Reach

Instagram Reach


A few examples we'd like to share 🏆


Our thoughts on a few topics 💡

Why Digital And Outdoor Advertising Rule

Digital/Online and Outdoor advertising are basically the only two growing sectors of advertising (as clearly illustrated below). Why? Consider..

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Let's get in touch 😄


+61 402049070 // 0402049070

1026 South Road, Melrose Park, South Australia 5039